I have been interested in how the brain works all my life. In college, I took a few classes in Cognitive Studies while majoring in Computer Science. I worked with XCON, the first artificially intelligent software to be deployed for commercial usage. It was used for configuring computer systems. Later, I worked on Resumix, a language parsing system for reading resumes. My career path diverged from the Artificial Intelligence world but I never lost interest in how the brain works.

Over the years, I took many psychology classes. Along the way, I discovered a class in Neurobiology which led to the genesis of this column for SynchChaos magazine.

I would love to syndicate my column. If you would like to see it in your publication, please contact me. It you are interested in reading other stuff that I have written, you can see my writing portfolio at FishRidingABike.com.


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  1. Hi
    Just stopped by..The quiz didn’t work on my I phone …
    Noticed you want to fix spelling of serotonin.

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